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What is a ''Turn-Key'' Project?
A turn-key project is a project where the engineering, provision, and installation of multiple structural systems are provided by a single supplier. For us, this typically involves the following:
  • Load-Bearing Walls
  • Floors
  • Trusses (where applicable)
  • Metal Deck
  • Structural Steel (sometimes)
Combining these products and services into a single package allows SCS to design the structure in the way that is most efficient as a whole. This prevents conflicting motives between the project's contractors and allows SCS to use its specialized experience with each aspect to make intelligent design decisions at every step.

Proprietary versus Generic
It is important to note that when designing floor and wall systems, SCS intentionally does not allow its viewpoint to be narrowed into specific proprietary systems. This allows us to use specialized proprietary systems in their niches and generic framing where that is most efficient. By considering both proprietary and generic systems we ensure the client receives the best possible value and have been very successful in this arena by relying on our design expertise in this way.
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