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Each area and project type has a sales representative that specializes in handling the needs of that type of project and accomodating the preferences of clients in the area.  If you would like us to bid a project, we'd love to hear from you.  These are the areas of coverage for each sales representative:

Contracting Process
Once a customer has decided to move forward with a job, a contract or formal purchase order needs to be arranged.  While this is happening, the design process can begin if the customer provides us with a signed letter of intent to purchase, signed quote, or other similar document enumerating the scope of work to be purchased.

Please note the following about the contract process:
  • Material items are billable upon delivery and may not be lumped into a schedule of values with installation services
  • Documentation for the payment bond applicable to our scope of work is required prior to contract authorization
Project Management
A project manager is assigned to each job.  This project manager provides a single point of contact for the customer throughout the design and delivery phases of the project.  The project manager provides the following services:
  • Coordinates mobilization
  • Coordinates shipping
  • Provides technical support and guidance
  • Spearheads resolution of any issues that arise
  • Performs site visits as necessary
Covered Locations
We are located near Charlotte, North Carolina and do most of our business in the southeast.  However, our clients often call on us to extend our reach for design-build and other technically involved projects so please don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.
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