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How We Got Started
Steel Construct Systems was established in 2011 when owners Terry Powell, Bill Wiley, and Dennis Van Wyk had the opportunity to bring together an already experienced team and purchase the assets necessary to establish the business at a very attractive price.  Building on the experience of the perosnnel and existing business relationships, the company immediately got off to a strong start.
Our Facility
We operate a 12k square foot facility in Locust, NC with several acres of storage area where we design and fabricate the trusses and wall panels used on our projects.  This production facility is staffed and operated by a team of personnel that have been delivering excellence together for many years. 
News and Events
You can follow us on twitter at LGSTs_Panels and be sure to check out our facebook page for profiles of projects we're working on!  We also post major news and announcements on this site's home page.
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